The Team

The Teachers Team

Mr. Gabin BEBLAI

My name is Gabin Beblai, I am from Ivory Coast, a french speaking country in West Africa. I am French teacher and DELF-DALF examiner scorer at the Alliance Française Malé – Maldives since 2017. I have been teaching French language over the past 8 years. I have worked in different countries such as Morocco and India. Teaching is my passion, as it reveals my inner desire to help others and impacts my knowledge to them.

Ms. Constance DUCRET

My name is Constance, and I am a 27-year-old French teacher in Male. Due to my father’s job we had to move frequently and I spent many of my young years in Africa. This kind of life has made me want to live in foreign countries for as long as I can remember. Being a teacher became another wish of mine after thinking about it for a long time while doing medical studies. So after switching to the education field, I started feeling more and more fulfilled as I realized that I could make a change into people’s lives while always learning about them, their culture and their country. I know I have now found my way as a teacher as there is nothing more rewarding for me than sharing my language and a part of my culture with other people. The world is wide and there is no time to waste: go discover and learn more from languages, cultures, and people. So why not start to learn French here with us?

Mr. Armel YAPI

My name is Armel and I teach French as a foreign language (FLE). I am passionate about the art of teaching. For me, teaching is much more than just a profession; it’s an opportunity to impact society by sharing the richness of the French language and Francophone cultures. With a deep interest in gastronomy and culture, I bring a unique touch to my teaching, integrating engaging and playful activities to make learning French lively and fun. My dedication and passion make me an inspiring teacher who fosters a love of the French language and culture in his learners.